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Get your team up to speed and following industry best practices with expert documentation and governance advice

For any business intelligence and analytics team, having the right knowledge and expert guidance can fast track projects - especially if your post COVID-19 team is now missing some of the internal expertise you had previously.

Documentation Fundamentals
$999 per month

Continue on your documentation journey with monthly sessions to keep your team on track and ensure that you're getting the strategic and technical insights you need to get the most out of your documentation investment.

Governance Kickstarter
$999 one-time

Documentation is just one component of data governance. Ensure that you're taking the right steps and following best practices with two 60 minute sessions run by a Microsoft MVP.

Premium Consulting
$1499 per month

Bring in an expert with up to five hours per month of Power BI consulting time for technical assistance and advice on your documentation, governance and architecture strategies.

All of our services are provided by Power BI experts - many of which have been recognised as Microsoft MVPs. Leverage their knowledge to give you the peace of mind that you're in the best position possible to grow your team's capabilities.

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