Document, review and improve
Power BI reports

Whether you're creating reports, or using them to make key business decisions, Data Vizioner instantly lets you see how they are built and gives you confidence that you can trust the data you are seeing.

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Save time, money and stress

Dashboards and reports are often poorly documented, making them difficult to work with, handover and review - wasting the time of already strained employees and significantly increasing budget, privacy and other commercial risks.


  1. Document

    Instantly see how your reports are structured and identify risks before they become a problem with complete documentation at the click of a button.

  2. Review

    See where the data in your reports is coming from without having to go into Power BI or check multiple screens to ensure accuracy of reporting.

  3. Improve

    Quickly check whether you've been following best practices and magically fix issues right in the app.

Ensure you're empowered to be your best

Visualise your models

to quickly piece everything together

Reduce redundant code

to make your files easy to maintain

Track dependencies

to make sure nothing breaks

Remove unused visuals

to reduce file size and unused data

Reuse M scripts

to speed up development

Audit roles and permissions

to mitigate risk and ensure compliance

Apply best practices

at the click of a button

See how your data is used

to avoid misuse of private information

Get started with a 14 day trial

It's easy to get started with Power BI Documenter. Simply start a 14 day trial today to get instant access and start uploading your PBIT files.


$299.99 Per year (excluding tax)

  • Break down your report and models
  • Identify and review custom visuals
  • One paid user per account
  • Up to 5 active PBIT files 
  • PBIT file size up to 1MB 
  • 14 day trial of Professional


Per user per month (excluding tax) or $499 p/year
14 Day Trial
  • Analyse models and dependancies 
  • Apply best practices and learnings
  • Audit roles and permissions
  • Up to 10 paid users per account 
  • 50 active reports included
  • PBIT file size up to 10MB 
  • Up to 5GB storage space
  • Add-on: 25 additional files $50 p/m
  • Add-on: Thin reports $499 p/m


Contact us Options customised to your needs.
  • Monthly invoicing
  • Project invoicing
  • Custom pricing
  • Custom branding
  • Dedicated specialist

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Services to make your life easier

Get your team up to speed and following industry best practices with expert documentation and governance advice.

Documentation Fundamentals
$999 per month

Continue on your documentation journey with monthly sessions to keep your team on track and ensure that you're getting the strategic and technical insights you need to get the most out of your documentation investment.

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Governance Kickstarter
$999 one-time

Documentation is just one component of data governance. Ensure that you're taking the right steps and following best practices with two 60 minute sessions run by a Microsoft MVP.

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Premium Consulting
$1499 per month

Bring in an expert with up to five hours per month of Power BI consulting time for technical assistance and advice on your documentation, governance and architecture strategies.

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