How to Export Power BI Desktop Model to Power BI Template?

It’s easy, in Power BI Desktop,

  • Click “File” menu
  • Click “Export”
  • Click “Power BI Template”

How to Use Power BI Documenter?

It’s super easy to use Power BI Documenter. 

  • Browse “Power BI Documenter” web app from desktop PC, Mac or any mobile devices (Internet Explorer is NOT currently supported)
  • You have the option to login with a Google account, Microsoft account or use/create a Data Vizioner account

  • You can then click “Browse” or drag and drop the PBIT file to the orange area

  • It is all done! 
  • You can now click on the orange button to see the insights about your Power BI Model
  • Update: You can now click on “Measure”, “Column” or “Hierarchy” in the legend to filter the table grid chart.
  • Or you can click on “Model” button to see, copy or download your full Power Query (M) scripts