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Product Updates

Connect to Analysis Services

New external tool enables rapid analysis of data models in Azure Analysis Services and SQL Server Tabular models.

Case Studies

Trajan Scientific and Medical

Data Vizioner helps Trajan navigate growing data complexity, improving data model performance and reducing ongoing maintenance costs.

Product Updates

Add thin reports to your model

Reduce the time spent finding used/unused tables and fields by up to 80%, saving days of time every month.


Self-service BI, and its perils

Find out how data empowers your organization to create and share insights, and the challenges and risks that come with this.​



Find out how and why they're different, and how to export a PBIT to upload to Power BI Documenter.

Company News

It’s our first birthday!

What a year it’s been! This time last year we had a problem to solve, and we've taken some big steps towards solving it.

Product Updates

Power BI Documenter December 2018 Release

The new release of Power BI Documenter comes with new fascinating features that makes your lives even easier on your day-to-day Power BI engagements.

Product Updates

Power BI Documenter October 2018 Release

The new release of Power BI Documenter provides lots of new information about your Power BI reports along with one more best practice.

Product Updates

Power BI Documenter August 2018 Release

The new release of Power BI Documenter helps you with data modelling best practices, along with new feature for model analysis.

Product Updates

Power BI Documenter July 2018 Release

In the new release you’ll get tons of new features that help you with improve handover processes and make them much easier and more effective.

Company News

Introducing Power BI Documenter

This post takes you through everything you need to know to start documenting, reviewing and improving your Power BI reports more effectively.