We’re excited to announce the public release of new thin report capabilities for Power BI Documenter. According to early users, these new capabilities are helping to reduce the time spent finding used/unused tables and fields by up to 80% – meaning you’ll reduce days of work optimising your model every month down to mere hours.

What is it?

If you have your model in a seperate template to your reports you can now identify used and unused tables and fields across all your reports.

Available as an add-on for Professional subscriptions for $499 per month or $4999 per year. Note that thin reports isn’t part of a regular Professional trial. A 14-day trial can be enabled by request.

Why is it important?

Until now, finding used and unused tables and fields across multiple reports was a time consuming and frustrating process. And in many cases, it is simply too complex and costly to keep current.

Now it can be done in a click.

How does it work?


Simple upload your template files as you normally would. Instead of opening an individual file:

  1. Click “Select related reports” in the hamburger menu to find related thin reports and datasets.
  1. Select the “Analyse” menu to download a CSV of unused or used tables or fields.
Power BI Documenter - Thin reports
  1. Review your downloaded CSV and update your model accordingly.