As COVID-19 continues to spread globally, we recognise the extreme pressures health systems are under to flatten the curve and treat those that have contracted this novel coronavirus. Like many of you, we are now working from home. But for so many, that isn’t an option – in particular those providing health services and other essential services that keep our cities and countries running.

Unlike the 1918 Spanish Flu, our ability to respond and contain modern pandemics is driven by data and we want to play our small part in helping where we can. For this reason, we will be providing Power BI Documenter free of charge to all government entities and health bodies that are currently tackling COVID-19 until the end of September.

If you are involved with the provision of these essential services, please talk to us about how Power BI Documenter can help free up your time to focus on the most important things that will help your country in this time of need.

This is available at our complete discretion and is intended for new customers. We will use the New Zealand essential services guidelines as a reference point for the eligibility, although we will consider applications globally.

For businesses currently facing significant financial burdens due to COVID-19 or limitations in new spending we would like help where we can as well so please reach out to discuss and we’ll work with you to find a solution.

Let’s get through this together – our door is always open